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Let’s KYC! (Thai user)

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👉🏼 ID Verification
👉🏼 Face Verification
👉🏼 Personal Information
👉🏼 Additional Documents Submission

Let’s get started at ‘Home‘ page, click “Start process” button, choose your citizenship and quickly fill out your personal information as shown on your ID card

ID Verification

ID Card (Thai Citizen only)
1. Take a photo of the front of your ID card
2. Take a photo of the back of your ID card

Face Verification

Perform the gesture motion tasks according to the instructions on your screen

Personal Information

Fill in your personal information and ensure all provided details such as names, addresses are accurate and correct

Now it’s time for Crypto Knowledge Assessment followed by Suitability Test

Additional Documents Submission

Must provide 1 additional supporting document from the following list (cannot be ID card):
a. Valid driver’s license
b. House Registration: Must show 2 pages which are
– The first page of house details showing the address
– The account owner’s name page
c. Valid passport
* All documents uploaded should not have expired and must be in Thai or English.
**In order to avoid delays in processing your application, it is important that all uploaded documents meet the required criteria. If one or more documents are invalid or do not meet the criteria, we will request you to upload new documents.

How long does it take to get verified?

After submitting all information and documents for account verification, they are reviewed through our manual verification methods. Estimated processing times for KYC is within a week.

If we experience a heavy influx of new users, however, processing times for verification could slow down considerably. If you experience a delay, it doesn’t necessarily mean there is something wrong with your application. We’ll be sure to contact you if we need anything further from you, so monitor the email associated with your Zipmex account to see if you’ve received an email from us about verification.

Please note: Zipmex Thailand (“Company”) has the policy to conduct periodic verification of all accounts on our system to review the personal information (“KYC”) and suitability test to make sure that all information on the system is as current and accurate as possible, as well as to assess the user’s risk level on investments. This assessment complies with the policy of The Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Anti-Money Laundering Office (AMLO) in Thailand which happens yearly or bi-yearly. Read more about How to review your personal information’

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Step 4: Bank Account Registration

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