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Do I have to pay income tax on my bonus earned from ZipUp?

All crypto earnings are liable for income tax if the funds are withdrawn to a Thai bank account, and if the total withdrawal amount exceeds the total deposit amount into Zipmex.

We do not have a system to help calculate or file income tax in Thailand. It is the duty of the customer to assess their income or profit by themselves. The clients can download their entire trading history through the website by logging in and going to Trading (TRANSACTIONS) > Order History (Order History) > Export (EXPORT).

Please note: 

1. Income is calculated from the profit obtained from the investment. This is calculated from the total sales of every token – the total purchase amount. If the result is positive, it will be considered as profit or gains that are income tax-deductible. 

2. We are unable to calculate profit if clients transfer digital assets from elsewhere and sell through ZIPMEX. Since we cannot know the cost of the transferred digital assets, it is the duty of the customer to evaluate this part.

3. Since we do not have any tax deductions, Zipmex cannot issue any tax invoices.

4. If the customer does not withdraw baht from their Zipmex account, it is not considered as income.

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