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Zlaunch Detailed Reward Calculation – How are token rewards calculated?

Zlaunch Detailed Reward Calculation – How are token rewards calculated?

Every ZLaunch project will have a “Total Token Rewards” amount. All eligible user’s ZMT locked amount in ZLaunch will be recorded every hour for the ZLaunch project. User’s token rewards are calculated and automatically distributed every hour to users to their Z Wallets.

The total amount of rewards given out every hour to all users who locked ZMT in ZLaunch is the Total Hourly Token Rewards. The Total Hourly Token Rewards is calculated by the Total Token Rewards for the ZLaunch project divided by the earning period, typically 30 days, and divided by 24 hours in a day. Calculation formula is as follows:

Users will get rewards based on the ratio of their ZMT locked over the Total ZMT locked multiplied by the Total Hourly Token Rewards. Calculation formula is as follows:

Project token rewards are truncated to 8 decimals. If the project token is smaller than 0.00000001, the project token rewards will be truncated to 0.00000000 (8 decimals).

An Example of Rewards Calculations

Assume a project with Total Token Rewards of 30 million tokens for 30 days of earning.

Total Token Rewards = 30 million tokens
Earning Period = 30 days

Total Hourly Token Rewards  = Total Token Rewards ➗ Earning Period ➗ 24 hours
Total Hourly Toward Rewards = 30,000,000 30 days 24 hours =  ~41,666.66666666 Project Tokens

Assume the current Total ZMT Locked of the project = 2,000,000 ZMT and user has locked 20,000 ZMTUser’s Token Rewards  = (User’s ZMT locked ➗ Total ZMT Locked) X Total Hourly Token Rewards

User’s Token Rewards =  (20,000 2,000,000) X 41,666.66666666 = ~416.66666666 tokens for the hour locked

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