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What is the earning phase in ZLaunch? What happens after the earning phase of ZLaunch?

The Earning Phase
A project’s earning phase is the period when you can lock ZMT to earn receive rewards, which will typically be 30 days. During the earning phase, your project token rewards will be automatically distributed and transferred to your Z Wallet. You may transfer your token rewards to your Trade Wallet, but you will not be able to trade, deposit, or withdraw such tokens.

After the Earning Phase

After the earning phase, your ZMT locked in a ZLaunch project’s pool during the earning phase will automatically be unlocked and returned into your Z Wallet.

Trading of the new tokens will be enabled shortly and is expected to be within one month after the earning phase has been completed on ZLaunch and the project token has been listed on Zimpex exchange. You may then start trading your project tokens by transferring them from your Z Wallet to your Trade Wallet. Token deposits and withdrawals will also be enabled once trading is enabled

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