Refer A Friend to ZipUp & Earn $10

For every friend that signs up using your referral code and deposits $100 into their ZipUp account for 30 days, you and your friend will each earn $10 USDT.

How to Refer a Friend

Log in to Zipmex
Go to ‘Settings’ > Referral
Share a Referral Code

Share your referral code with your friends – for use when they sign up to ZipUp!

How to Refer a Friend
What is ZipUp?

What is ZipUp?

Zip Up is our interest-bearing account that allows you to earn up to 10% on your digital assets simply by depositing them! Interest is paid out daily and you can withdraw and deposit any amount at any time.

Check which digital assets are supported under ‘Available Assets’ here.

For new sign-ups

Get a Special Bonus &
Double Your Rewards

Get double rewards when you sign up and refer a friend to ZipUp. Both you and your friend have to deposit $100 USD or more for 30 days.*

Double Your Rewards

*The deposit has to be in the form of digital assets that are supported as part of the ZipUp program. The referee cannot get the double reward unless they refer someone.

How to Claim Your ZipUp

Create an Account

Create an Account

Sign up to Zipmex and complete the account verification process.

Deposit Funds

Deposit Funds

Deposit a minimum of $100 USD or $130 SGD – or - if you already own digital assets, transfer your digital assets to Zipmex and skip step 3.

*For information on how to transfer digital assets, please see our support centre - ‘How to transfer digital assets’.

Buy Digital Assets

Buy Digital Assets

Buy any digital assets part of the ZipUp program - see Earn page.

Subscribe to ZipUp and leave assets in account for at least 30 days.

Subscribe to ZipUp and leave assets in account for at least 30 days.

It’s that simple!

You get interest according to ZipUp program rates plus a reward of $10 USDT when you sign up and deposit with us for the first time.*

*This reward is part of a limited time offer available for new users to ZipUp only and will be distributed in the form of USDT or any other cryptocurrency.

Highest Asset Security with Zipmex

We give the highest priority to ensuring the safety and security of your assets. Your assets are secure with our institution grade custodian solution and insured up to $100m USD. We’re also a licensed digital assets exchange regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Highest Asset Security with Zipmex

Frequently Asked Questions

To qualify you have to:

  1. Be a newly registered user
  2. Meet the 3 conditions below: minimum deposit amount, deposit duration and asset type.

Min. Deposit Amount: $100 USD or $130 SGD
Deposit Duration: 30 days
Asset Type: Deposits must be in digital assets part of the ZipUp program. See ‘Available Assets’ on the Earn page to learn which assets are accepted.

This bonus is a 1-time off.

To get double rewards, you have to:

  1. Refer a friend
  2. That friend has to meet the same minimum deposit amount, time period and asset type conditions

Note: If you are an existing ZipUp user, you will only be eligible for the $10 reward for every friend you refer to Zipmex to sign up for the ZipUp program. Your friend has to complete the conditions as stated above.

Yes, you have to refer someone. If both you and your friend have deposited at least $100 USD in the digital assets accepted under the ZipUp program for 30 days, you will receive the reward. If your referee does not complete the steps but you did, you will only receive $10 USD. You will not get the double reward. As a referee, you can only get a one-time bonus unless you refer someone.

If you have completed all the deposit steps, you can only get the bonus one time. After that, you will get the extra bonus for each person you refer.

As of now, you can sign up to ZipUp until the 23rd November 2020 and still be eligible for the bonus although this offer may be extended for various reasons.

In your Zipmex wallet. You can check ‘transactions’ to see that your account has been credited.

30 days after depositing.

You will get the $10 USD reward for every friend that you refer to Zipmex that fulfils the conditions for receiving the reward.


The ZipUp interest is credited daily based on your minimum available balance over a 24-hour period from UTC time 00.00 – midnight the following day. The extra deposit bonus is based on a fixed term of 30 days. If you withdraw a certain amount and the minimum is less than $100 USD during the 30-day period from 1st till end of November for example, you will not receive the extra $10 USD reward. You will just get the interest credited daily as per your remaining available balance on each day according to the ZipUp interest rates.

You have to wait for a minimum of 30 days after your friend has deposited the digital assets with ZipUp to get the bonus. After 30 days has passed but you still haven’t received the rewards despite referring a friend, there may be several possible reasons why, such as that friend not meeting the requirements or not using the correct referral code when signing up.

How to check that your friend has used the correct referral code and meets the conditions? See the next question for more details.

Go to ‘Settings’ > Referral to check how many friends have signed up and what stage of the process friends have gone through.

We always recommend that you set up Google 2FA for extra security as anyone with your login and password can steal your assets. However, be assured that under our custodian and solution with BitGo, a top company for security in the fintech industry, your assets are insured up to $100m USD and are always protected.

We will use the deposit date to calculate the value of your deposit when converted into fiat currency.

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