Congratulations, Here are the Winners of the First Interprovincial Trading Competition, Battle of the Provinces!

February 16, 2021

The Battle of the Provinces trading competition has now officially concluded.

Within a month, 1056 traders from 32 provinces competed fiercely to win a total value of IDR 100 million pool prize in ZMT.

Each trader from all provinces has tried their best aiming to increase the trading volume as much as possible. Not only letting traders compete with each other, the competition seek to also strengthen the communities. We have heard many traders ended up finding new friends and connections along the way.

Seeing the enthusiasm of all the participants who participated, Zipmex would like to express our gratitude especially for your courage to be a part of the first interprovincial trading competition in Indonesia.

After calculating the trading volume throughout the period of January 15th-February 15th, 2021, here is the list of provinves that managed to win in the Battle of Provinces competition.

Battle of Provinces

Congratulations to the winners!

Prizes will be distributed in ZMT (the nominal will depend on ZMT market price), within the latest period of 7 days after the winners announcement. It will be credited directly to winners’ ZipLock wallet to stake for 90 days.

The determination of the winner is inviolable.

Zipmex will be completely transparent with the process of prize distribution and winner determination. However, the publication of trading volume data is entirely within Zipmex’s authority.

For those of you who haven’t succeeded in the Battle of Provinces competition, don’t be sad! There are still many other competition opportunities that will be held by Zipmex moving forward.

All in all, stay tuned for the latest news from Zipmex and get ready for winning!