Let’s Celebrate ZMT 150 Days Anniversary with Zipmex

May 10, 2021

May is a remarkable moment for Zipmex. This month marks 150 days since ZMT launched in Zipmex ecosystem. Not only in Indonesia, but also in four countries where Zipmex operated. 

Certainly 150 days is not a big time. But, with you, 150 days feels so meaningful. Since it’s launched launch on December 17th, 2020, the value of ZMT has skyrocketed. ZMT also succeed get all-time high for several times.

None of this would have worked without your support. Your support has succeeded in making ZMT grow rapidly and multiply its market cap. You encourage Zipmex to provide a much better services to increase your experiences.

To celebrate ZMT’s journey, Zipmex invites you to take part in ZMT 150 Days Anniversary. In this event, Zipmex will give you a variety of exclusive limited edition merchandise for users.

There are three levels with different merchandise for you. To be able to get it, all you have to do is lock your ZMT during the campaign period and fill out the form. The ZMT 150 Days Anniversary celebration will take place for May 1st-17th, 2021.

These are the merchandises you can get based on how many ZMT you locked:

1. Minimum locked 150 ZMT

250 first users who filled out the form will get Zipmex T-shirt or Cap special 150th days #ZMTtothemoon collection.

2. Minimum locked 1.500 ZMT

100 first users who filled out the form will get Zipmex Zippo or Hoodie special 150th days #ZMTtothemoon collection

3. Minimum locked 15.000 ZMT

5 first users who filled out the form will get Zipmex Airpods Pro or LG Mask special 150th days #ZMTtothemoon collection.

Terms and conditions:

1.Zipmex will only count ZMT locked between 00.01 on 1st May to 23:59 of 17 May 2021.

2.Users must register for the “ZMT 150 days anniversary” campaign form and lock ZMT a minimum of 150 ZMT, which can split the number of ZMT locked per time.

3.Reward will be sent within 30 working days after the campaign ends.

4.This campaign is for users registered on the platform. trade.zipmex.co.id. of Indonesia only

5.Zipmex reserves the right to determine any rules and conditions and reward 

6.Zipmex reserves the right to change any reward into cash.

7.Zipmex reserves the right to refuse distribution of reward to persons who violate the trading rules under local authority.

8.Zipmex reserves the right to suspend accounts that are suspicious of money laundering or illegal financial activities under local authority.

What are you waiting for? Sign up now and get the exclusive merchandise from Zipmex!