Elevate Your Wealth Beyond the Realm of Finance with Zipmex

Posted on May 10, 2021 in Articles, Zipmex Guide
Elevate Your Wealth Beyond the Realm of Finance with Zipmex
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Zipmex is one of the top digital assets exchanges in Asia, and we don’t stop there. See our vision to solve the problem of financial inclusion with many more products to come.

Started from an exchange, but became much more!

Operating in Thailand, Singapore, Australia, and Indonesia, Zipmex is a regulated digital asset exchange (cryptocurrency and digital tokens) that aims to educate, excite and enrich everyone. The company is an alternative wealth platform with the goal of providing experiences beyond finance. Zipmex pioneers a series of innovative digital asset solutions including savings accounts as well as the launch of the native digital token – the Zipmex Token (ZMT) which brings unparalleled benefits to the members of our community. This means investors can trade and save on the same platform, earning yields of up to 16% on their assets ranging from cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, altcoins such as Ethereum, to stablecoins such as USDT.

Continuous thrive for growth.

Rapid development in the digital asset industry and strong interests from both the private and public sectors set the tone for a very exciting year ahead as mass adoption increases. Zipmex marches into the new year from strength to strength as the company continues to take the lead in encouraging the cashless lifestyle. Through successful collaborations with partners from different industries, we hope to bridge the gap between finance and lifestyle as we evolved and launched ZipSpend this past quarter.

The shift in technology is a major global trend for the next decade for digital financial restructuring. Many organizations from around the world started to make a move. Retail crypto adoption advances throughout the pandemic as acceptance and fungibility appreciates in value. Our recent partnership with Renazzo Motor, the sole authorized dealer of Lamborghini and Wasuthagroup, the first importer of Tesla in Thailand broadened their payment option by extending their payment option to crypto. Additionally, our ongoing partnership with Taejai.com to donate digital assets to UNICEF Next Gen is a testimony to our goal. Members of our community can now pay for common goods and services with digital assets including Zipmex Token, crypto has now become the force for good.

Alternative investment option

The launch of ZipUp and ZMT was developed due to the demand from the industry seeking reliable returns on digital assets as opposed to non-determinable returns that required long holding. The ongoing impact of the pandemic propels investors in search of assets with strong intrinsic value to protect against downside risks and hedge against macro events. With global GDP contraction, economic downturn, government bailouts, and ongoing fiscal stimulus (mainly, quantitative easing) – cryptocurrencies rose to fame as an inflation-resistant hedge. This is the trend which is set to continue as the industry matures and flourishes resulting from the demand growth by solving the problem of privacy, security, and financial inclusion. Thus, cryptocurrencies have become a reliable option for the public, so much so that big players have started to participate in cryptocurrency trading making it a viable choice of investment in the future.

Nothing in the world is without fault and digital assets are no exception to this claim. The performance of the crypto market shows the market is beginning to form a temporary retreat from its steep bullrun. This is clearly reflected in the price of the top two digital assets with the highest market capitalization, bitcoin and ethereum as the prices decreased by -7.22% and -4.89%, respectively for the past 24 hours (as of 11:00:00 GMT+7 on 23 April 2021). Having said that, ZMT took a much smaller hit with a decrease of -1.89%.

Dream Big with Zipmex

Despite the low correlation cryptocurrencies have to economic fundamentals and other markets, there are a few investment strategies investors can use to benefit from the market swings. Dollar-cost average (DCA) has been a popular and viable method for investors to build wealth at small increments over time.

The successful launch of our native token (ZMT) and savings program, along with industry defining partnerships are milestones that are inline with the Company’s vision. We are grateful to receive many positive feedbacks from members of our community whose lives have been changed for the better. We believe the development of the crypto market is set to accelerate across Southeast Asia, fueling rising demand for digital currency due to regulations changes in the market aimed to solve the problem of financial inclusion. We plan to roll out more payments, lending and investing into securitized tokens along with many exciting lifestyle news to share, in the future. Zipmex aspires to become the most trusted, legitimate, safe, licensed, and fully regulated wealth generation platform in the Asia Pacific region.