Update on moratorium proceedings

July 04, 2023

Please be informed that at the hearings of HC/SUMs 1868 to 1872 of 2023 on 30 June 2023,
the Singapore Court has granted an extension of the moratorium for 6 weeks to each of the
applicant companies in the Moratorium Group.

During this six weeks, Zipmex intends to carry out the following actions:

Date by Action

7 July 2023
(1 week)
A FAQ will be published in English and Thai on Zipmex’s regional web portals.

Access to Zipmex’s official Line and Telegram chat groups will be restored for certain accounts.

Please note that any repeat of previous instances of threats of violence, harm, or inappropriate behavior to the community will result in immediate moderation and removal at Zipmex’s sole discretion.

21 July 2023
(3 weeks)
Zipmex Asia Pte Ltd and Zipmex Pte Ltd intend to file applications for leave to convene meetings of their creditors under Section 210(1) of the Singapore Companies Act 1967.
11 August 2023
(6 weeks)
End of the extended moratoria

Zipmex will publish further announcements and will be sending documents filed in the
Singapore proceedings to each customer and creditor eligible to receive a distribution under the
proposed schemes, in due course.

Thank you.

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