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ZipUp+ Reward Rates and VIP Benefits

Make your crypto work hard, so you can live easy. Get up to 12% APY on your crypto when you deposit with Zipmex.
Flexible terms. No minimums.
Buy and Lock ZMT for 45 days
and receive up to 12% APY bonus paid daily.
ZipUp+ Bonus Rates up to
crypto-iconZMT · 2% APY
crypto-iconBTC · 2% APY
crypto-iconETH · 2% APY
crypto-iconUSDC · 6% APY
crypto-iconUSDT · 3% APY
crypto-iconSOL · 0.5% APY
crypto-iconXRP · 0.5% APY
crypto-iconADA · 0.5% APY
Trading Fee
Become VIP
Buy and Lock 100 ZMT for 45 days
and receive up to 12% APY bonus paid daily.
ZipUp+ Bonus Rates up to
crypto-iconZMT · 2% APY
crypto-iconBTC · 3% APY
crypto-iconETH · 3% APY
crypto-iconUSDC · 7% APY
crypto-iconUSDT · 4% APY
crypto-iconSOL · 2% APY
crypto-iconXRP · 0.75% APY
crypto-iconADA · 2% APY
Trading Fee
Become VIP 1
Buy and Lock 1,000 ZMT for 45 days
and receive up to 12% APY bonus paid daily.
ZipUp+ Bonus Rates up to
crypto-iconZMT · 2% APY
crypto-iconBTC · 4% APY
crypto-iconETH · 4% APY
crypto-iconUSDC · 8% APY
crypto-iconUSDT · 5% APY
crypto-iconSOL · 2.5% APY
crypto-iconXRP · 1% APY
crypto-iconADA · 2.5% APY
Trading Fee
Become VIP 2
Buy and Lock 5,000 ZMT for 45 days
and receive up to 12% APY bonus paid daily.
ZipUp+ Bonus Rates up to
crypto-iconZMT · 2% APY
crypto-iconBTC · 5% APY
crypto-iconETH · 5% APY
crypto-iconUSDC · 9% APY
crypto-iconUSDT · 6% APY
crypto-iconSOL · 3% APY
crypto-iconXRP · 1.25% APY
crypto-iconADA · 3% APY
Trading Fee
Become VIP 3
Buy and Lock 20,000 ZMT for 45 days
and receive up to 12% APY bonus paid daily.
ZipUp+ Bonus Rates up to
crypto-iconZMT · 2% APY
crypto-iconBTC · 6% APY
crypto-iconETH · 6% APY
crypto-iconUSDC · 10% APY
crypto-iconUSDT · 7% APY
crypto-iconSOL · 3.5% APY
crypto-iconXRP · 1.5% APY
crypto-iconADA · 3.5% APY
Trading Fee
Become VIP 4
🔥 The current ZipUp+ rates are promotional rates and are subject to change.

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Our new and improved ZipUp+ lets you free your crypto. No more lock-ins mean no more FOMO. Just great rates on all your tokens. ZipUp+ works hand-in-hand with ZipLock. The more ZMT you lock, the more rewards you earn on your other tokens with ZipUp+.

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Up to 12% APY. Interest-ing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your bonus will be calculated using the APY method. Your bonus will be paid out daily.

Crypto bonuses will be calculated from your assets in Z Wallet and will be paid to Z Wallet

No, if your crypto is held in an open order (to sell). Only orders held in ‘Z-Wallet’ will be calculated as part of ZipUp+ earnings.

After subscribing, you will be able to check your daily rewards. The bonus will be credited to your account at the ‘Transaction’ tabs under the ‘Transfer’ section”.

Bonuses will be calculated from your asset in Z Wallet and will be paid to Z Wallet.

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