ZipLock Launch: Lock up 100 ZMT to get 20 ZMT reward plus 16%

January 11, 2021

‘ZipLock’ has launched! To kick things off we’re giving you 20 ZMT when you lock up 100 ZMT!


Lock up 100 ZMT from today till 11th Feb 2021 & get 20 ZMTs*! This is on top of the 16% yield (p.a.)you’ll be getting when you use ZipLock.

What is ZipLock?
ZipLock is a fixed deposit account for ZMTs which allows you to earn 16% interest p.a. You can lock up any amount of ZMT any time. But each time you do so, it’s like locked up for 90 days and you can’t withdraw the amount that you’ve locked up. The end date of the holding period will be displayed once you’ve locked up your assets.

How to use ZipLock
Locking up your ZMT is simple, just go to ‘ZipLock’ in the app or website browser and enter the amount of ZMT you wish to keep locked up. Or watch this video to learn how to do it.

Lock up 100 ZMT to become a ZipMember (basic membership tier)

  • Get priority access to events by our partners
  • Monthly lucky draws
  • Airdrop campaigns and more!

What are you waiting for? Lock up now! 

For new users

Sign up to Zipmex

1) Use WELCOME2021 referral code when signing up

2) Buy 100 ZMT

3) Lock it up in a 90-day fixed deposit (ZipLock)

4) Receive 20 ZMT + 16% interest (p.a.)

For existing users

Sign up to Zipmex

1) Buy 100 ZMT and lock up in a 90-day fixed deposit (ZipLock)

2) Receive 20 ZMT + 16% interest (p.a.)

*Please note: The 20 ZMT rewards will be distributed by Zipmex by the 18th February 2021. These rewards will be locked up for 90 days. Thereafter, users are free to trade the tokens on Zipmex platform.

Zipmex is a fully regulated digital assets exchange. For more information about how your funds are managed, please read our support centre FAQ here

Terms & Conditions:
1. All steps have to be completed by 24.00 GMT+7 11th February 2021.

2. Users can lock up any amount during the campaign period as long as it adds up to a minimum of 100 ZMT.

3. Only registered users who have passed our identity verification process on, and are eligible for this campaign.

4. Participants will only earn a maximum of 20 ZMT in total for this campaign.

5. Zipmex reserved the right to not distribute the rewards if users are found not to be eligible to trade on Zipmex, i.e. blacklisted, or put on a watchlist by regulators. 

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