Yieldly is the world’s first and largest DeFi protocol built on Algorand.

ZLaunch YLDY Project Details

ZLaunch Start Date
Total Token RewardsNaN
Total Daily RewardsNaN
Total Hourly RewardsNaN
Project Maximum Lock Limit*NaN
User Maximum Lock Limit**NaN

*Project Maximum Lock Limit is the maximum amount of ZMT that can be locked in the ZLaunch project’s pool by all participating users.

**User Maximum Lock Limit is the maximum amount of ZMT that a single user can lock for the ZLaunch project’s pool.

What is Yieldly? 

  • Yieldly is the world’s first and largest DeFi protocol built on Algorand, as well as the first fully integrated Algorand launchpad. Yieldly currently features 3 innovative products on Algorand: No-Loss Prize Games (ALGO and NFT rewards), Multi-asset Staking Pools, and Cross-chain Bridges.
  • Multi-asset Staking Pools: Yieldly Staking Pools allow users to stake YLDY to earn YLDY and ALGO tokens. New staking pools have also been added for users to earn other Algorand Standard Assets (ASA) tokens including OPUL, SMILE, XET, and ARCC. Staking YLDY also gives users tickets to enter Yieldly’s NFT Prize Games, where users stand a chance to win ultra rare NFTs.
  • No-Loss Prize Games: Yieldly has built the first No-Loss Prize Games designed to harness Algorand’s rewards system, aggregate rewards, and distribute them to users. Yieldly’s No-Loss Prize Games aim to unlock liquidity on Algorand and reward its community. These prize games are currently split into Algorand Token prizes and NFT prizes.
  • Cross-chain Bridges: Yieldly platform supports cross-chain bridging. Swap ASA tokens seamlessly via the world’s first audited cross-chain bridge connecting Algorand and broader DeFi networks. Yieldly’s ASA-ERC20 bridge is live, with partnership onboarding and new blockchain extensions (BSC, POLY, and more) coming soon.

YLDY Key Token Metrics

Token NameYieldly
Token Type/ProtocolAlgorand ASA and ERC-20 Note: ZLaunch’s YLDY are ERC-20 tokens
Total Token Supply10,000,000,000
Current Circulating Supply See Coinmarketcap
Market CapitalisationSee Coinmarketcap
Token Creation Date24 May 2021 
Can it be mined?No

Token Distribution

Unlocked at TGE
Months Vesting
30%Protocol emissions
(i.e. rewards for ALGO & YLDY stakers)
11.5%Expansion & Ecosystem partners1%24
11.105%Private Seed Sale25%12
11%Private Strategic Sale30%12
7.2%Marketing partners & Events,
incl. Esports Teams
4.5%TrustSwap IDO30%6
3.8%Floating Liquidity for Exchanges100%0
 Last update: as of 19 October 2021

Who is behind Yieldly? 

Sebastian Quinn is the CEO of Yieldly and is an entrepreneur with a history of building and supporting the development and growth of some of the largest distributed ledger and DeFi companies in the space including Bluzelle and Power Ledger.

Simon Giles is the COO of Yieldly and is a founder of multiple technology companies and has held lead positions within teams at listed companies across Australia including Quantas, Optus and Telstra.

Aron Turner is CTO of Yieldly and is also the co-founder and lead software engineer at TrueOrigin. He has been coding in the blockchain space since 2018.

What are the current use cases of YLDY token?

Token holders are able to earn rewards with Algorand’s first-ever security audited staking platform by participating in Yieldly Staking Pools and No-Loss Prize Games:

  • Stake YLDY and earn YLDY, ALGO, SMILE, OPUL, XET, and ARCC tokens.
  • Stake YLDY and get tickets to enter Yieldly’s NFT Prize Games, where users earn yield as well as stand a chance to win NFTs.
  • Swap tokens via Yieldly’s ASA-ERC20 bridge.

Key Insights

  • Yieldly leverages the elegant technology of Algorand, a blockchain ecosystem that provides sustainability, security, scalability and decentralization. Yieldly is backed by industry’s leading venture capital companies.
  • Yieldly’s purpose-built smart contracts enable developers of ASA tokens (“Algorand Standard Assets” comparable to ERC-20 on Ethereum) to easily create staking and rewards systems on top of Algorand. This opens up the Algorand ecosystem for use cases that are booming on other blockchains, such as yield farming, NFT distribution, and social rewards systems.
  • Yieldly is the world’s first and only DeFi suite on Algorand. Its core products have been independently audited by leading cybersecurity companies including Halborn and Runtime Verification.
  • Yieldly wants to make it easy for anyone to access Algorand and experience the many benefits of the DeFi protocol. To that end, Yieldly has built a token bridge between the Ethereum and ASA tokens, with partnership onboarding and new blockchain extensions (BSC, POLY, and more) coming soon to expand the pathways and options for ASA token holders. This aims at driving new users and more liquidity to Algorand.
  • Yieldly plans to connect the ecosystem with a Decentralized Exchange or DEX. This component has the potential to elevate Algorand, to achieve mass adoption as a leading DeFi protocol.

Key Risk Considerations:

  • Yieldly is built on Algorand. There are many blockchain ecosystems that are competing for adoption and users. With key use cases of Yieldly being DeFi and NFTs, the size of a network will determine the value of the network and hence impact the value of the project. Hence, Algorand’s ability to attract adoption and maintain users will be important to the success of Yieldly as well, especially since Yieldly is building features for Algorand Standard Assets (ASA) like cross-chain bridging.
  • The price of Yieldly tokens may be subject to high volatility as Yieldly is a relatively new project, with new use cases under development, hence subject to speculative risks from the market.

Latest News and Updates

  • Yieldly has launched of new partnerships and liquidity pools with the four largest Algorand Standard Assets (ASAs): Xfinite (XET), Smile Coin Network (SMILE), the Asia Reserve Currency Coin (ARCC) from the International Blockchain Monetary Reserve, and Opulous (OPUL)

  • Yieldly Undergoes Successful Audit by Runtime Verification. This is the second independent audit that Yieldly’s native smart contracts and blockchain infrastructure have undergone since earlier this year, with the last one being carried out by another world-class cybersecurity firm, Halborn. These two audits aim to ensure customer safety and security.
  • Yieldly, which will scale its NFT product offering in Q3 2021, will release esports NFTs with BOOM and Fact Revolution. The collaboration will also enable BOOM and Fact Revolution’s world-wide fan base to enter Yieldly’s staking pool and no-loss prize games, where users gain the chance to win bespoke esports NFTs and digital skins modeled around the respective esports partners.
  • Crypto wallet app Ledger has integrated support for YLDY ASA staking on its DeFi platform. The integration allows users to directly stake ASA tokens via Yieldly, without leaving the Ledger Wallet. It’s been a long time coming, and both the Algorand and Ledger teams have been working hard to give Ledger’s 1.5 million monthly users access to Algorand’s Largest DeFi project – Yieldly. https://yieldly.finance/1-5m-monthly-ledger-users-now-have-access-to-yieldly-dapps/
  • Yieldly’s updated 2021/22 roadmap signals new era of cross-chain liquidity on Algorand. The coming months present an unbelievable (and continued) opportunity to scale Yieldly and eliminate friction points in DeFi. The team is delighted to unveil its updated 2021/22 roadmap and the upcoming second-generation product suite. https://yieldly.finance/yieldlys-updated-2021-22-roadmap/

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All investments are speculative and involve substantial risk and uncertainty. Investments in the YLDY is done at your own risk. Investors should understand the nature of digital assets including the terms of return and the risk of assets. We encourage investors to fully understand the assets and the risk associated with them prior to making any investment.  This project information page is intended for informational purposes only and the sole purpose of this project information page is to provide relevant and reasonable information in order to enable an analysis of YLDY. Information contained herein are based on information provided by Yieldly and are subject to continuous change and therefore are not warranted as to their merchantability, completeness, accuracy or fitness for a particular purpose. Zipmex makes no representation or warranty on the completeness, accuracy or fitness for a particular purpose of such information and is not responsible for any damages or losses from any use of this information.

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