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Zipmex Token (ZMT)

ZMT is a ERC-20 token custodised on BitGo created and governed by Zipmex, a digital assets exchange and investment platform. ZMT is designed to be used mainly within the Zipmex ecosystem.

What is the supply of ZMT?

There will only ever be 200 million ZMTs in circulation.

What is the vesting period and allocation plan of ZMT?

ZMT is vested over 4 years, which means it will not be released all at once. With almost 40% of the supply allocated to the community, 20% to the Treasury, 15% reserved for private sales and the rest going to staff and partners of Zipmex.

What are the use cases of ZMT?

Holders of ZMT will receive a boost on earnings from digital assets stored in Zipmex and can receive reduced transaction fees, as well as other benefits such as the ability to use the token to redeem physical items and unique experiences.
ZMT is also created to be accepted as a form of currency with ZipSpend, which will be rolled out in Q3 2021. Holders of ZMT can make payments with ZMT using QR codes at merchants in Thailand as well as other countries in the near future.

ZMT holders can even receive cashbacks and rebates with every payment, as well as additional benefits within the Zipmex ecosystem.

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