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Will Zipmex ever call me?

Zipmex’s primary support channel is email: [email protected]. The Zipmex Customer Support team will only call their customers in special cases upon request and after arranging a date and time via email correspondence.

Besides making your Zipmex account secure, it is important to practice situational awareness online. Here are some suggestions for general internet safety:

  • Never give out personal identifying information through untrusted sources.
  • Never allow remote access into your computer.
  • Be aware of phone scammers who disguise themselves as ‘Zipmex Customer Support.’

2-factor authentication (2FA) is a common login method that institutions use for an extra layer of security. If you sense your 2FA process has changed unexpectedly, it may be compromised and you should report it right away.Always confirm that the URL you use is either or specifically when you are signing in to Zipmex.

Always report any suspicious activity to us immediately [email protected].

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