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Delisting tokens

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1Why are we delisting these tokens?This is to optimize the way we do things at Zipmex and to have the best tokens listed on our exchange for our customers to have the best trading experience.  Zipmex will continually assess and manage the tokens on its platforms to ensure that all tokens have sufficient liquidity.
2Will Zipmex be delisting more tokens in the future?Zipmex will consider its plans to streamline operations and will be evaluating tokens on a regular basis to make sure that all tokens on our platform still qualify for the original listing.
3Will Zipmex be adding new tokens in the future?Zipmex will consider adding more tokens onto its exchange at a later stage, and will consider adding new and exciting projects when the time’s right for the business and the company.
4Where can I get the updated list of listed tokens?The updated list can be viewed on
5Will Zipmex be enabling deposits/withdrawals on the exchange for all the tokens that are currently trade only?As mentioned in our previous town hall, Zipmex will be enabling all tokens that are currently ‘trade only’ to have full deposit and withdrawal functionality within the next 4 – 6 weeks. Please note that this process takes time as it requires us to make changes to our back-end wallet infrastructure.
6How is my token value calculated after delisting?THB (or any fiat value) value will be based on the last traded price prior to delisting (usually will be wrong if we calculate THB amount based on current prices)
7Why does the token show as ‘under maintenance’?This is because that token has already been delisted and can no longer be traded on Zipmex platform.
8How can I check the value of my tokens prior to the delisting?The value of your assets are derived from (price x amount of token). For price accuracy, It is in the best interest of the user to refer to the primary information source such as for token price on the delisted date.
9How do I know if the balance is the same before and after delisting?Balance can be checked in the wallet section via both website and app. Your asset balance will be the same before and after assets delisting as we do not touch your user holdings.

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