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How Zipmex connects to API

  1. Install CCXT
  2. Setup parameters
  3. Connect

The example below is how to install CCXT with Python (For different programming languages, click here.)

Install CCXT:

  • Start installing the program library on Python with “pip install ccxt” command through Terminal or Command line

pip install ccxt

  • Use !pip install ccxt command to work on Jupyter notebook

!pip install ccxt

  • When the installation is complete, the connection stage will start. Fill the information with the received API as an example below

import ccxt

Zipmex_exchange = ccxt.zipmex({

‘apiKey’: ‘YOUT_API_KEY’,

‘secret’: ‘YOUR_SECRET_API_KEY’,

‘uid’: ‘YOUR_USER_ID’,

‘login’: ‘YOUR_LOGIN_EMAIL’,

‘password’: ‘[Leave “1 empty space”]’


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