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How do I lock ZMT on ZLaunch to earn new project token rewards?

  1. Make sure that you have signed up to a Zipmex account and passed KYC, click here to see how. Also make sure that you have the desired amount of ZMT in your Z Wallet. To see how to transfer ZMT from your Trade Wallet to your Z Wallet, click here.
  2. Proceed to ZLaunch here or navigate to ZLaunch under the “Earn” section.

3. Once on the ZLaunch main page, you will see the project pool(s) available. You can begin locking ZMT to earn your selected project’s token rewards.

4. You will also be able to see the estimated APY (Annual Percentage Yield), Total Project Rewards, and the Earning Period for each project pool.

You can opt to lock ZMT in any available project pool by clicking “Lock to Earn” and entering the amount of ZMT you wish to lock. Please note that each project pool will have a “Project Maximum Lock Limit” and a “User Maximum Lock Limit”. Definitions for each can be found here.

After successfully locking ZMT, you will be able to see your Locked Amount, Total Earnings, and Estimated Rewards Per Hour for that period.

You can check your ZLaunch earnings and project pool participation history under the “Earnings” and “History” tabs.

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