What is Qtum (QTUM)?

Qtum is a cryptocurrency software that aims to combine different parts of the Bitcoin and Ethereum design models in a bid to entice application developers.
What is Qtum (QTUM)?

Despite some general similarities, Bitcoin and Ethereum diverge in the specifics of how their blockchains operate and how they record and update balances held by users.

By attempting a design that blends unique aspects of the two networks, Qtum aims to offer an alternative to Ethereum that can compete on programming, while maintaining compatibility with Bitcoin, offering something like a best-of-both-worlds blockchain solution.
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Mutualized Proof-of-Stake

To keep its network in sync, Qtum uses a variation on proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus called mutualized proof-of-stake (MPoS).

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Account Abstraction Layer

Qtum’s Account Abstraction Layer decouples applications from the underlying protocol, maintaining the performance of the blockchain and lending the ability to add more smart contract capability in the future.

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Decentralized Governance
Protocol (DGP)

Qtum’s Decentralized Governance Protocol (DGP) allows specific blockchain settings to be modified by making use of smart contracts.

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Qtum Neutron &
ARM Virtual Machine

Qtum Neutron middleware and ARM Virtual Machine will support Rust programming language and other upgrades facilitating mainstream adoption of smart contract development.