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How to recover Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)?

If you are unable to access the 2FA previously set up, you can request to cancel and add a new one. Please follow these steps:

1. Take an image/selfie of you holding:

1.1 A piece of paper with:

  • Write – “Request to disable 2FA for Zipmex account”
  • Your Email Address used to register with Zipmex
  • Signature and Date

1.2 Personal Identification Document (driver’s license or passport)

Please see the image as reference:

Please ensure that the image is clear and readable for a fast response!

2. Please email the selfie to [email protected] together with these additional details:

  • Name and Last Name
  • Phone number used to register Zipmex account
  • Occupation

We will proceed to verify and reset your 2FA as soon as possible. Please note that the process could take up to 5 business days.

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